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What is the difference between this and a regular Perspectives class?

The best way to take Perspectives is in a regular class, where you can interact with other students and the live instructors. We are attempting to keep some of those elements in the online class, but it will not be as dynamic. If you can take Perspectives in a regular class, we ask you to take that class, as it is the richest Perspectives experience. Here are some points of comparison:

Who can take this class?

Any believer who does not live near a regular Perspectives class, who wants a closer walk with the Lord, and who is serious about gaining a deeper understanding of His ultimate purpose in the world. It's for anyone who wants to learn how to strategically invest their lives in seeing God glorified; for anyone who wants to gain insight and direction that will help them to impact their generation.

Who are the instructors?

The instructors are missionaries, church leaders, and ministry experts from around the country, professionally recorded from a live Perspectives class. You will listen to them via audio or video on the Online Classroom. See the list of instructors here.

How much does it cost?

Are there scholarships available for this class?

There are no scholarships available at this time. We encourage you to talk to individuals or churches in your community for financial help to take the course.

I took Perspectives before. Can I audit this class as an alumni for free?

No, this class is only for people new to Perspectives who are taking it at Certificate or Credit level.

I wasn't able to finish the Perspectives class I signed up for. Can the funds be transferred so I can take this class?

Unfortunately, we can't transfer the funds within the program. If you dropped from your class and got a refund, you can use that money to pay for this class. Each local class has a refund policy, and usually a date by which you need to drop in order to get a refund. If your schedule would allow it and the class will be offered again in your city next year, it might be best to just wait and take the class there as an alumni, if you haven't dropped.

When should I register? Is there a class size limit?

Register soon! We will be limiting class size to 30 people. Registration for classes will close 4-5 days before class begins or when registration fills.

If my spouse and I want to take it together, do we need to register twice?

Yes. Every person who takes the course must register separately to be considered a Perspectives alumni, and to have work graded. We ask you not plan on letting others regularly watch or listen to the audio with you.

What exactly is the class schedule?

Look at the class website to see the schedule. This is a sample:

January 2011

Is there a time every week when everyone needs to be online at the same time?

No, there is not. The way class works is that each lesson opens Monday morning. You will complete the weekly work (watching or listening to the instructor, completing the Review, and participating in online discussion) at your pace - you just must finish by Sunday night when the lesson closes. Interaction with other students and the coordinator will take place through the online discussion, which is a written discussion.

What if I will be away from internet access for a period during the class? Can I still take it?

Remember, if you get a good system down, you only really need to connect to the internet once each week to submit your work, download the next week's assignment, participate in the online discussion, and download the audio for the week (or watch the video online). If you cannot even do that, it is best to pick a class when you will have internet access the whole way through. If you must take a class when you will be out of the reach of the internet, you will be unable to participate in that week's online discussion. Your participation in the online discussion counts for 5% of your total grade. You would still be able to read, complete the assignment, and watch or listen to the instructors. You must communicate with your coordinator that you will be gone and agree on a time to turn in your weekly Review. The maximum time you may be out of internet access for a week is three weeks.

I work overseas with a team and we would like to take the class together. Can we do that?

Yes. Consider the options and see what fits you best:

I have more questions! Who should I ask?

Contact us at: info@perspectives.org