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Do you want to take Perspectives, but don't have a class near you?
Good news!
Perspectives has opened a series of online courses designed for distance learners like you - complete with lesson discussions, course videos, and more.

Scheduled Online Class (4 Month Completion)

  • Follow a four-month format with others - complete with Weekly Lesson videos & audio of selected Instructors.
  • Follow along with weekly reading and submit course work online from anywhere in the world.
  • Interact with other students and class coordinator each week for lesson & topic discussions.
  • Complete work by the end of each week at your own pace - there is no set time you are required to be online
  • Offered at both Certificate and Credit levels.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for some additional information.


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Registration opens at least 6 weeks prior to the class start date, and closes at 4pm Pacific Time the Thursday before class is scheduled to start. Questions? Contact

Classes Beginning

 Course Schedule  Registration
 February 2017 February 6 - June 11, 2017Now Closed 
 April 2017 April 3 - August 6, 2017Click here to Register!
 May 2017 May 1 - September 3, 2017Click here to Register!
 June Intensive 2017 June 5 - August 13, 2017  Registration opening 2017
 July 2017 July 3 - November 5, 2017Registration opening 2017
 August 7 2017 August 7 - December 10, 2017Registration opening 2017
 August 14 2017 August 14 - December 17, 2017Registration opening 2017
 October 2017 October 2 - February 11, 2018Registration opening 2017
 November 2017 November 6 - March 18, 2018Registration opening 2017

Independent Study:

In addition, an Independent Study Online format is offered for those who cannot take the scheduled Online Class. We believe the richest online option is the scheduled Online Class, and even better is a regular Perspectives class or an intensive. We invite you to consider these options before registering for the Independent Study class. 

The Independent Study option is to be completed in 6 months, is offered only at Certificate level ($190), and is a self-paced environment. 

Register for Independent Study 2017, Section 1.  

For questions or more information, please contact

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