Lafayette, CO    Fall 2016
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Perspectives in Lafayette, CO - Fall 2016 
Flatirons Community Church, West End

Monday Nights August 15 - December 12, 6-8:30pm
(No class 9/5 or 10/31)

To help understand God better and live the lives He designed us for, we are hosting a course called Perspectives.  It is a 15-week course that examines the big picture of what God has been doing since creation.  The course is also designed to help us find our place in the Story God has been writing and to help us to see things from God’s perspective.

There are several different ways to take this course:

Certificate level earns a certificate of completion from the US Center for World Mission. The instructors are fantastic, but about 90% of the course is in the text, and at this level students are kept accountable to read. This level is required by several mission sending agencies, committees, etc. for candidacy, and is required if someone wants to coordinate Perspectives in the future. The work involves about 2 - 3 hours reading per week, with weekly homework over the reading, and a project due at the end of the class.
( is $250.

Key Reading is where students attend class, read a few key articles each week, and complete five personal responses (reflections on what they are learning) throughout the semester. Cost is $250.

Alumni can take the class again for free. The cost for alumni who previously took the course for key reading and now want t o take the course for certificate is $90.

First Class is free for anyone! Come on Monday, August 15th at 6pm to see what this life changing course is all about!

Class Info

Date: Monday, August 15, 2016

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:45 PM

Location: Flatirons Community Church 355 W. South Boulder Rd. Lafayette CO 80026


    • Instructor

    • Lesson 1

      The Living God is a Missionary God

      God's purpose is three-fold: against evil—kingdom victory; for the nations—redemption and blessing; and for God—global glory in worship. God's purpose revealed in promise to Abraham. Exploring God's purpose for the nations: Blessing to the nations described.

    • Instructor

      Joseph Shane Bennett

      Frontiers, Rye CO

      Shane has served in missions mobilization since 1987, primarily recruiting, training, and sending short term research teams. He's been on teams in Bangkok, Bombay, and Turkey. He co-authored Exploring the Land, a guide to researching unreached peoples and writes regularly for Missions Catalyst ezine. He is currently dreaming and scheming for God's kingdom among Muslim immigrants in Europe. Shane, his wife, Ann live in Colorado. Four of their children live with them and one is in college in Arizona.


    • Lesson 2

      The Story of His Glory

      Exploring God's purpose for Himself: How God has been steadily unfolding a plan throughout all nations and generations to bring about His greater glory, ultimately drawing to Himself the worship of all the peoples. Passion and prayer for God's glory.

    • Instructor

      Scott Nickell

      Flatirons Community Church, Lafayette CO

      Scott Nickell has been a pastor for the past 13 years. He started out doing youth ministry in Lexington Kentucky. He is currently the teaching pastor at Flatirons Community Church in Boulder county Colorado where he has served for the past seven years. Over the past five years, Flatirons has been consistently named one of the most creative and fast-growing churches in America. Scott is passionate about helping people meet the real Jesus. Not the watered down, easy to digest commercialized version of Jesus that has been created by culture and sometimes the church, but the Jesus we discover in the Bible. Scott and his wife Ali have four children.


    • Lesson 3

      Your Kingdom Come

      Exploring God's purpose regarding evil: How God has accomplished a defeat of evil powers in order to open a season of history in which the nations can freely follow Christ. The kingdom of God as the destiny of all history. Christ's mission seeks a hindering of evil to bring about a sign of the coming peace of the kingdom of God. Our prayers contend with evil in order to bring about the transformation of society with Christ's kingdom in view.

    • Instructor

      Jaime Saint

      I-TEC, Dunnellon FL

      Jaime was born in Willmar, MN, into a family with a heritage in missions.  His dad, Steve, is the son of martyr, Nate Saint, a jungle missionary pilot who was speared to death in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, South America in 1956 by the Waodani tribe.  Jaime grew up in a family that participated in mission ventures in Ecuador as well as in Mali, West Africa, in-between businesses that took them from Minnesota to Texas and eventually to central Florida where I-TEC is headquartered. After graduating from high school in 1995, Jaime moved with his family to the Amazon Rainforest to help the Waodani tribe learn to do for themselves what outsiders had been doing so that the Waodani could reach their own people with the Gospel.  After returning from the jungles, Jaime attended the University of Florida, where he graduated with a degree in Marketing.  After his second year of college, Jaime married Jessica Shea, a girl he met just before leaving for the jungles.  Jaime and Jessica have been married for over 19 years and have six beautiful daughters, including one set of twins who became their grand finale. In 2010, Jaime joined the Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center (I-TEC), which was founded by his dad, Steve.  Since his Dad's injury in 2012, Jaime has become the primary spokesperson for I-TEC, helping people in North America and around the world catch the vision for training Indigenous Christ followers with tools to open doors for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


    • Lesson 4

      Mandate for the Nations

      Jesus shows great strategic interest in Gentiles; wise strategic focus by initiating a global mission on a few disciples among the Hebrew people. The Great Commission and the ways of God's sending in relational power. Dealing with the ideas of pluralism (all religions the same) and universalism (all persons saved).

    • Instructor


      World Team, Orlando FL

      Canadian-born, Don received Christ at a YFC rally in 1952 and later graduated from Prairie Bible Institute and Wycliffe's SIL course. From 1962-1977 Don and his late wife, Carol Joy [Soderstrom], an RN, served in Irian Jaya (now Papua, Indonesia) among the Sawi, a Stone-Age cannibal-headhunter tribe. After Don designed a Sawi alphabet, he and Carol taught literacy, planted churches, healed the sick and translated the New Testament. More than half the tribe came to Christ. Author of six books, including "Peace Child" and "Eternity in Their Hearts," Don holds an honorary doctorate from Biola University. He represents World Team at missions conferences and in churches, teaches seminars, and lectures for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. 17 months after his late wife's passing, Don wed Carol Joyce Abraham, who now serves with him in ministry by speaking to women's groups, singing solos, mentoring, and providing hospitality.


    • Lesson 5

      Unleashing the Gospel

      The first followers of Jesus: obedient in costly, foundational ways. The climactic act of the book of Acts is the freeing of the gospel to be followed by Gentiles without Jewish traditions as a requirement. A foundational act of God which speaks to the situations where the gospel is hindered today. Strategic suffering and apostolic passion.

    • Instructor

      Don McCurry

      Ministries to Muslims, Divide CO

      Dr. Don McCurry served as a missionary among Punjabi peoples in Pakistan for eighteen years with the United Presbyterian Church. In 1975, Don came home to work on his doctorate at The School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary. From 1977 to 1985, Don taught at Fuller in the field of Muslim Evangelism. He also founded and taught for seven years in the Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies, training eight hundred missionaries who went to the Muslim world. In 1986, Don founded a new ministry called "Ministries To Muslims." This has enabled Don to teach freely throughout the two-thirds world in 67 countries, preparing missionaries to stand alongside of the western missions in reaching Muslims. Don's authored, Healing the Broken Family of Abraham: Bringing New Life to Muslims, which has been translated into Spanish, Russian, Arabic, German, Tatar, Azeri, Tajik, Turkmen, Uzbek, and Georgian. Other books include The Gospel and Islam: A Compendium and Sharing the Good News With Iranians and Now You Can Know What Muslims Believe. Dr. McCurry currently offices in Colorado Springs where he serves as President of Ministries To Muslims.


    • Lesson 10

      How Shall They Hear?

      Culture and intercultural communication of the gospel. Communicating the gospel with relevance at the worldview level helps avoid syncretism (blending of cultural error with God?s truth) and also enables powerful movements of the gospel. Sensitive missionaries will look for ways that God has preserved or prepared people to hear the gospel, often finding redemptive analogies for God's truth.

    • Instructor

      Carl Medearis

      International Initiatives, Highlands Ranch CO

      Carl established and led several ministries around the Arab world for 13 years, while living with his family in Beirut, Lebanon. The focus has been sharing the good news and life changing message of Jesus with Muslim university students, business professionals and political leaders. He has also been used by God to help send many who have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ to reach the nations. He is the author of Muslims, Christians and Jesus published by Bethany House. This book gives every western Christian all they need to engage in productive conversations about faith in a way that's natural and Christ-centered. Carl now lives in Denver and spends much of his time traveling throughout the Middle East encouraging these friends and others. His goal is to see a total transformation of the Arab Muslim Middle East through the discipling of nations.


    • Lesson 7

      Eras of Mission History

      The greatest explosion of growth ever has taken place in last 200 years in three "bursts" of activity. Why we could be in the final era of missions. The global harvest force comprised increasingly of non-Western missionaries.

    • Instructor

      Zack Weingartner

      Lafayette CO

      After 19 years in youth ministry in Greeley, Monument, and Lafayette, Colorado, Zack is the Campus Pastor for Flatirons Church's Downtown Denver campus. He has an M.A. in Non-Western History from he University of Northern Colorado and has been involved in missions as a participant, leader, and founder of a youth missions organization. Zack is married with three kids and lives in Westminster, CO.


    • Lesson 8

      Pioneers of the World Christian Movement

      Today we anchor the race by continuing what others have begun. It's a day of finishing. All the more reason to learn the wisdom and the heart of ordinary people who did extraordinary things in earlier generations. Reading the writings of William Carey and other leaders to discern what these people have left to us. Exploring the contribution of women in missions throughout the centuries.

    • Instructor

      Jesse DeYoung

      Flatirons Community Church, Broomfield CO

      After spending 10 years in youth ministry, Jesse is now one of the teaching pastors at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, CO. If he's not at church, he's probably hiking, biking, climbing, drinking a good cup of coffee, or spending time with his wife and three children. Visiting missionaries regularly since he was 12, Jesse has a passion for helping everyone find their unique place in the work God is doing around the world.


    • Lesson 6

      The Expansion of the Christian Movement

      The story of God's purpose continues relentlessly from Abraham's day until the present moment. An overview of the largest and the longest-running movement ever in history—the world Christian movement. How the gospel surged through the peoples and places of the world. Important insights for our own day.

    • Instructor

      Brian Hogan

      YWAM's Church Planting Coaches, Fayetteville AR

      Brian and his wife Louise, have served in mission since 1987. From the Navajo Tribe to Outer Mongolia, their passion has been to see Jesus glorified and lifted up among those who have never known Him. From 1993-1996 their team pioneered a church planting movement in Erdenet (AIR-DUH-NET), Mongolia that continues to grow under fully indigenous leadership to this day. Their Mongolian disciples are now training and sending out their own missionaries to other unreached people groups. The story of the work in Erdenet can be read in Brian’s book: There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub (Asteroidea Books), and in the case study article – “Distant Thunder: Mongols Follow the Khan of Khans” – on page 695 of your Perspectives Reader.


    • Lesson 9

      The Task Remaining

      God's pressed His purpose forward until the present hour of amazing opportunity. Understanding the concept of "unreached peoples" to assess the remaining task. Recognizing the imbalance of mission resources shapes strategic priorities. The basic minimal missiological achievement in every people group opens the way for working with God against every kind of evil so that the gospel of the kingdom is declared and displayed with clarity and power. The need and opportunity of urban mission.

    • Instructor

      Leroy Armstrong

      Proclaiming the Word Ministries, Mckinney TX

      Leroy R. Armstrong, Jr. is a native of Kansas City, MO and resides in the Dallas area with his wife Genena and family. Leroy holds degrees from the University of Kansas (B. S. Electrical Engineering) and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.). He is Lead Servant of Proclaiming the Word Ministries ( and Teaching Pastor at First Baptist Church, McKinney, TX ( Leroy has been teaching in the Perspectives Movement since 2007. Leroy served as a Senior Pastor for 13 years. He was Director of the International Conference on Expository Preaching, sponsored annually by E. K. Bailey Ministries, Inc. for 5 years. He also owns Charis Communications, LLC, an umbrella business focused on acquiring income producing assets.


    • Lesson 11

      Building Bridges of Love

      The incarnation as a model of missionary humility. How missionaries can enter appropriate roles in order to form relationships of trust and respect to develop a sense of belonging, and thus to communicate with credibility for understanding. Explore the intricacy of identification in another culture. Explore the even greater complexity of presenting identity with integrity in a globalized, terrorized, pluralized world. Recognizing the dynamics of social structure in order to initiate growing movements of ongoing communication throughout the society.

    • Instructor

      Jean-Luc Krieg

      Wheaton IL


    • Lesson 12

      Christian Community Development

      A survey of world need. Dynamic balance of evangelism and social action. Hope for significant transformation as a sign of Christ's Lordship by Christian community development. Exploring the charge that missionaries destroy instead of serve cultures. Healing the wounds of the world between the peoples.

    • Instructor

      Florence Muindi

      Life In Abundance International, Nairobi Not in USA

      Dr. Muindi is considered a thought leader in the ministry of community development. A native to Kenya, Dr. Muindi is a medical doctor by training and has pioneered LIA’s transformational development model. Since the beginning, Dr. Muindi has played an integral role in not only establishing a proven model and track record for LIA, but also in laying the foundation for implementation throughout Africa and the majority world. She is a graduate of University Of Nairobi Medical School (1989). Additionally, Dr. Muindi received training in Switzerland and Belgium in specialized public health interventions and holds a diploma in Urban Poor Theology from Fuller Seminary. She regularly speaks publicly about community development through the local church, empowerment of the vulnerable and transformational transformation. She is married to Festus with two grown sons. Above all, Dr. Muindi is a servant and follower of Christ.


    • Lesson 13

      The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches

      Look beyond institutional features of churches to understand churches as dynamic movements of Christ Himself being followed. Such a view of churches as organic, living things opens up the practicality of seeing them multiply rapidly as movements and also flourish in society bearing the fruit of social transformation. Churches as counter-communities, acting as salt and light, bringing change to their cultures. How movements multiply by connecting with entire families and larger social structures.

    • Instructor

      Tat Stewart

      Talim Ministries, Aurora CO

      Tat Stewart was raised the son of medical missionaries in Iran. He attended high school in Tehran and speaks perfect Farsi. He was pushed out of the country during the Iranian Revolution of the late 1970s, at which time he came to the U.S. to study. He has since planted churches in the Muslim world and now broadcasts sermons via satellite into Iran. He attended seminary in New Jersey and is an ordained minister, having pastored churches in New Jersey, Maryland and Colorado, as well as Tehran. He is currently the lead pastor of the Iranian Christian Church of Colorado. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of TALIM Ministries, and the Editor of Shaban Magazine. Tat is the Chairman of the Board for SAT-7 PARS.


    • Lesson 14

      Pioneer Church Planting

      The hope of planting churches among unreached peoples. How the breakthrough of the gospel in an unreached people requires that the gospel be "de-Westernized". The difference of contextualizing the message, the messenger and the movement. Distinguish and appreciate people movements, church planting movements and insider movements.

    • Instructor

      Tina Bruner

      Lafayette CO


    • Lesson 15

      World Christian Discipleship

      What it means to integrate life for Christ's global purpose as a "'World Christian". Into the great story for His glory: a Person-driven life as a way of. pursuing a purpose-driven life. The basic practices of world Christians: going, sending, welcoming and mobilizing. The essential disciplines of World Christian discipleship: community, giving, praying and learning. Simplifying your lifestyle as if in "war-time". Exploring the practical ways of pursuing God's purpose. Business and mission. Short-term mission. Welcoming international visitors. Wisdom in working with local churches and in partnership with Christians in different parts of the world.

    • Instructor

      Andrea and Haril Kazindra

      Centennial CO

      Andrea and Haril Kazindra are Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Musana Community Development Organization located in Iganga, Uganda. Haril is a Ugandan and Andrea is a Colorado native but has been living in Uganda since May 2008. In 2013 they were married and now have one daughter. Musana uses a sustainable development model focused on building locally initiated social enterprises that address the greatest needs in the community while the profits support the most vulnerable. Andrea and Haril are passionate visionaries that desire to share Christ’s love in all they do.


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