Greater Altoona, PA S18    Spring 2018
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Spring 2018 | Altoona Area, PA

15 Weeks 15 Instructors • One Epic Story

Biblical. Historical. Cultural. Strategic.

Ever wonder why you are here and your purpose in life? 

That is because you were made for more!

Get threaded into God's story this spring as you experience

His heart for every tribe, tongue, people and nation and encounter

 the momentum of the World Christian Movement.


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In the beginning—no, before there was a beginning—a story began.

Come explore the depths and riches of this story, as it has unfolded

through the pages of the Bible and beyond, into modern history.

Come learn how God's redemptive plan is reaching, stretching,

welcoming every tribe, tongue, and culture to worship before his throne.

Come disciple of Jesus, discover your unique place,

and get threaded into this cosmic story of God's glory.

Come and hear what the Holy Spirit has to say to you.

This class will change your lifefor good! 

You'll get a new perspective on God's heart and eternal desire.



Day: Mondays  Time: 6:30-9:30 PM  Dates: Jan. 8 to May 7, 2018

Location: Altoona Alliance Church Cafe, 3220 Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, PA

Kick-off meeting is 1/1/18, 6:30 pm or arranged with the coordinators

For decades and around the world, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement has drawn everyday people deeper into God's purpose for the world. People of all ages, walks of life, and backgrounds have come out of the class with an expanded vision of God's work in the world and a new grasp of their part in it, revitalizing their walk with the Lord and strengthening their faith.

Feel free to explore this site and learn more about the class.
Click through the Lessons to learn about their content and our instructors.  

Is this course only for those interested in missions? 
Absolutely not! This is a course for the Church. The goal is to bring our individual lives into a closer alignment with God's purpose. To join God in His story. If you want to grow and be challenged—want more vision, direction and eternal impact to come from your life.

Interested in getting academic or continuing education credit?
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The course qualifies for ACSI credits and many denominational CEUs for pastors.  High school students and home schoolers can duel enroll for college credit.   

We are partnering with the State College Perspectives teams in hosting Perspectives.  If you miss a Monday class you can go to State College  on Tuesday and hear the same presentation, usually by the same speaker.